Hey folks. Welcome to the new and improved alexmcmurray.com.


The site’s going to do a lot more things now and should be more amenable to updates. And we all love for stuff to be current, don’t we?

The coolest part will be that there will finally be song clips up for “Banjaxed” the Tin Men cds, the Fingerbowl stuff, 007 and anything else that comes down the pike. The only thing is I need to find some F-bowl cds so that I can sell them, and I don’t think the label that owns those masters are going to exhibit much largesse anytime soon. At any rate, I hope to have Fingerbowl cds available here soon. We’ll figure something out.

Also we’re working on the photos page for all you aficionados out there. If you have a picture to post on the site, send it in to info@alexmcmurray.com. It doesn’t have to be of me or any band I play with, either. Send anything you want and I’ll post what I can.

And that’s because I’m going to be posting this stuff myself. With less moving parts, the better our chances.

As far as the diary page goes…let’s just say we’re going to try to make a go of it with a clean slate. The “shows” page will be 100% up to date, I swear. And I’m going to try to capitalize at the beginnings of sentences and wherever needed from here on out. Honest.

Bear in mind that the site is under a bit of construction. Thanks for your patience but drop a line anytime with complaints/comments etc.

I also have under construction new web sites for my other bands 007 and Tin Men.
check out the beta versions at:
007 - www.007rocksteady.com
Tin Men - www.tinmenmusic.com