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Press for Alex McMurray (New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation)

Saturn Bar - Theatre of The Damned Review (New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation) by Sunny Dawn Summers January 31, 2011

I have a new celebrity crush. I just added Alex McMurray to the top of my list...

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Gambit Magazine How To Be A Cannonball

Alex McMurray's latest CD wins the Gambit's Big Easy Album of the Year!

Gambit Magazine April 23, 2010

Alex McMurray wins Gambits 2010 Big Easy Entertainment Award - Album of the Year!

'How to be a Cannonball' - Album of the Year!

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The Times Picayune How To Be A Cannonball

Alex McMurray makes a splash with his 'Cannonball' CD

The Times Picayune by Keith Spera August 28, 2009

Alex McMurray is everywhere... But many fans first discovered McMurray April 30. On the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival's Lagniappe Stage, he performed to the largest crowd of his career...

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Offbeat Magazine How To Be A Cannonball

Train Whistles and Flies Wings

(How To Be a Cannonball review )
Offbeat Magazine by David Kunian July 1, 2009

Although New Orleans has a reputation as a brass/jazz/funk playground, it has been a home to songwriters since the beginning of the 20th Century. From Clarence Williams to Jelly Roll Morton to Dave Bartholomew, from Allen Toussaint and Earl King to more recent tunesmiths such as Paul Sanchez, Anders Osborne and Ed Volker, there's a history of musicians putting words and notes together in profound ways. With How to Be a Cannonball, Alex McMurray takes his place in those ranks.

Alex McMurray's long awaited new album, How to Be a Cannonball, could be the record that gives him the recognition as being one of the best songwriters working today.

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The New York Times

Jazzfest: Behind Threadhead Records

The New York Times by Jon Parales May 3, 2009

Threadhead sounded like an odd name for a record company when I mentioned Glen David Andrews’s gospel album, “Walking Through Heaven’s Gate.” And there’s a story behind it. Threadheads are members of an online social community born out of message threads on the forum at;

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The New York Times

From Shaky Start to Enduring Tradition

The New York Times by Jon Parales May 3, 2009

" and Alex McMurray, a droll, raspy singer playing nimble jazz guitar."

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Los Angeles Times

Threadheads give up-and-coming musicians a boost

Los Angeles Times by Geoffrey Himes May 2, 2009

The concept was simple: Fans usually pay for records after they've been made by purchasing them in stores or online. But if the fans put in the money upfront, they could make sure that the records they wanted to hear got made.

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The Times Picayune

Fest Reviews

Alex McMurray made a big impression at Jazz Fest
The Times Picayune by Keith Spera April 30, 2009

The crowd that showed up for his Lagniappe Stage set -- in the high hundreds, at least -- caught him off guard. "I'm just not used to playing for so many people," he said. He should be.

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NOLAFUgee Interview - 7 Questions with Alex McMurray

NOLAFUgee April 10, 2009

Local musician Alex McMurray, a NOLAFugees favorite, offers a brief glimpse into the professional grind, the state of the city, and why you shouldn't request "Rosy Fingered Dawn" at his shows.

1.) Do you sometimes feel, whether you want to or not, like an elder statesman in the local music scene?


2.) Can you pinpoint the moment when you realized that moving to New Orleans was the best decision you ever made? Can you pinpoint the moment when you began to doubt that decision?

I suppose there was a time when I was still in college and playing around town with my college band (we were called the Vince Behrman Trio) and the idea of having a life in music began to look like a possibility. Eventually the Neville Brothers and the Radiators were going to have to make way for a new scene. Things were different in the late eighties, believe me. Certainly there is no other city in the...

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Jazz Times

Fest Reviews - French Quarter Festival, New Orleans

Jazz Times Review a Tin Men Performance
Jazz Times by Bill Milkowski April 1, 2009

This raw, funky street trio, a crowd favorite, delivered a wealth of rich material ranging from McMurray’s sea chanty
"The Ballad of Cap’n Sandy" and Danny Barker’s "Palm Court Strut", a naughty N’awlins classic full of sexual innuendo,
to covers of Chuck Berry’s "Maybellene" and Cab Calloway’s "The Man From Harlem".

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New Yorker

Chaz Festival review and video in New Yorker Blog - The New Orleans Journal

New Yorker August 12, 2008

Great Blog entry and video of the Chaz Festival.

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Royal Finger Bowl - Review of One Eyed Jacks Show by Jason Songe July 1, 2008

The room was sparked and sparkling and vibrating with 150 to 200 people(near the middle of the first set, McMurray thanked the 14 Fingerbowl fans for bringing a friend). What a great feeling, to be among so many people elated to be where they were and nowhere else.

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Guano and Nitrates

Guano and Nitrates Review - No Quarter Magazine

No Quarter Magazine by Jamaica Rose January 1, 2008

In the hallway at PyrateCon, a man came up & handed me a CD, asked me to
listen to it, then disappeared into the crowd. We didn't listen to it
until we left New Orleans. As we drove East past Katrina-ravaged vacant
lots that used to be homes and businesses in Waveland and Gulfport, this
music made for an oddly fitting soundtrack and quite an appropriate
souvenir of our visit to the Big Easy..

That CD was "Guano + Nitrates" from the Valparaiso Men's Chorus,
featuring the Tin Men. It's an album of traditional shanties. But it is
very different from other albums of traditional shanties. It is sung as
if by a pub full of drunken rowdies … sung the way sailors would have
sung, with no holds barred, cursing and swearing like … well … drunken
sailors. The lyrics are often lewd, sometimes indecipherably (you may
not know what they are saying exactly, but you can tell it is lewd).

There is...

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AntiGravity Magazine

Interview in Antigravity Magazine

AntiGravity Magazine by Jason Songe May 10, 2007

Alex McMurray talks sea shanties, The Tin Men, bringing back Royal Fingerbowl, and of course, crumudgeons.

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Tin Men - April 14, 2007

TIN MEN! ???I was on the street today, and a guy passing by stopped me and said he had friends in from out of town. He asked me where he should take them Friday night. I asked him if they had seen Rebirth before, hoping he would say yes. He said no, so I reluctantly told him to take them to Rebirth, knowing that that's the requisite first stop on any visitor's list. But, I really wanted to tell him to go see The Tin Men, because they have more of an eclectic New Orleans sound than most bands out there. What I mean is, "They sound exactly like New Orleans sounds in my head." The amount of genres they mix might be unparalleled locally. So, I love them, and they're playing twice Friday. Once at 11 a.m. at the FQF and at 10 at Le Bon Temps Roule.

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