Song Lyrics

Lucky One appears onLucky One

I’ll Be Damned

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

get me outta this place i don’t mind sayin’

everybody seems a little too cool

it’s just fine if you don’t mind playin the fool

ain’t no signal ain’t no sign

and i’m tired of being last in line

i be damned

and baby that’ll be just fine


push me in a wheelbarrow sit me on a mule

put me on a broke down train

get me outta here quick

cuz everybody gone insane

lock the door let’s go see where

everybody looks a lot like me

i be damned

just like my momma said to me


(i be damned)  everybody gonna jump off the roof

(i be damned)  i’ll be honest i can’t stand the truth

come on over baby we swimming in a lake of fire

test your knowledge taste the fruit

get ya fitted for a creosote suit

& get down below where folks get a little bit higher    


(i be damned) we dancin in a meat house locker

(i be damned) my baby she’s a real shit talker

nothing wrong with raisin up a little hell 

put on that dress paint your mouth

let’s go see what things are like down south

ill be damned and baby let’s go down the well