Song Lyrics

Lucky One appears onLucky One

The Blue Room

by Alex McMurray Velvety Pod Music (BMI)

the jukebox is lousy

there's no room to dance

the dancers have had their day

and dancing ain't allowed anyway

the pool table's busted

the stools are ruined

only place for a fool like me on avenue



don't take me on the town

out with the folks i know

staggering where the lights are bright

and the people want to go

no i don't want to laugh

leave me with that photograph

just drop me over by the blue room

i'll be waiting over by the blue room 

i been looking all over for the blue room


just a crazy baldhead

the pride of linden

used to listen to me sing my song

but he never hung around very long

and the tall one had wild eyes

but he could read the signs

as long as the lights were low and the whiskey flowed





all up and down the street

they’re bringing down the heat

it’s enough to crack your lens and all your friends could not complete you

and it’s all gone blue

all gone


fools and believers

disciples and dreamers

on the train back to roselle park

going home now the blue room's dark

and they think of the old days

before it all went wrong

turn over and go to sleep and they sing this song