Lyrics for "Barry's Fashion Lighters" print close
From the CD - Banjaxed
By Alex McMurray

Barry’s fashion lighters
he’s a fabulous guy
with a lighter to boot
but he'll never be more
than poo poo
to me.

Barry, he's a cheerful kind of guy.
but you better watch out,
cause he will tell you to eat some dick.
but you know that’s what he'd choose to do
if he could.
Bunny and Sunny would never rub against him.
he says they rub him the wrong way,
but you know he’d love them to
rub him the right way tonight

Barry he’s a meticulous kind of guy
but he’s a pain in the ass,
when he’s smoking too much grass
and goes out drinking wine coolers and dancing
with Vince
drinking and dancing with Vince.
He’s out drinking and dancing with Vince.