Lyrics for "Lazy Eye" print close
From the CD - Banjaxed
By Alex McMurray

Lazy Eye

Some folks slip into a life to find out they’re already there
Some folks slip in through the night hoping there’s somebody there
What’s a dog to do? Some bones too big to chew
Ain’t no shame in staying free from what you can’t see
With your lazy eye

I got friends they go down easy some they’re always gonna fight
I got friends who like it sleazy some they’re gone all night
Why not find a girl go through the whirl and twirl
Won’t be afraid of showing me as far as she can see
With her lazy eye

I studied all of the ceilings
I wore a hole in my chair
Walked through the floor with the pacing
I know she’s out there
With her lazy eye

Sometimes think I’ll pack it in except I never got the nerve
One more night straightjacketing guess I’ll get what I deserve
Another lonely guy just watching the world go by
Not such a bad way to be as far as I can see
With my lazy eye