Lyrics for "The Man Who Couldn't Even Whistle" print close
From the CD - Banjaxed
By Alex McMurray

yeah I trod the boards boys
I played The Dane
I fell on my sword
once in that Scottish Play
but you'll soon chew the bone boys
chew the bone from the gristle
and do it all for a man
who couldn't even whistle

I slept in the sandbags
I sang all day
I went on my gin jags
I missed all the matinees
And each hair that the ladies left
upon my stool
each went for a man who never
once danced or acted the fool

you’re just a pup
you wouldn't know
the heel upon your collar
punks like you aren't born
you’re minted just like silver dollars

they say ever show
every show’s got to close
one day you'll know
that you’re not what they paid to see
but it’s only a life, boys
a life that you chose
where you can be anything
even what your afraid to be

so you’re on your own boys
I'll ride the chisel
and do it all for a man
who never once danced or carried a tune
who never once dared to dream
so I’m going home
I’m going home