Lyrics for "Wedding Day" print close
From the CD - Banjaxed
By Alex McMurray

The day is done
I’m knockin’ back the medicine
aint no sin
aint no sin to be lonely
one more time
the faces of our friends floating past
till at last, I see my one and only

on our wedding day
seems like only yesterday
each night on my tv set
as if I ever could forget
our wedding day
we took our time or so they say
but now i dont have much to do
since time went and caught up with you

the kids are gone
your mamma took them I couldn’t tell
it’s just as well, because I’m a baby too.
I’m marking time
and everything is just as it was
just because they were touched by you


cut the cake
and next your gonna dance with my dad
still im glad
now you smile over your shoulder
my best man
flower girls and ringbearer boys
all the joys
and one day i grow older