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From the CD - How To Be A Cannonball
By Alex McMurray

Everything Wants to Go

do the birds wait for winter the same as you and i
time now once again to say goodbye
something in the shadows whispers and they know
that everything everything everything wants to go

grew up in the newsstand but school just never took
never raised my head to take a look
chanced to meet a sailor drifting on the row who said
everything everything everything wants
everything everything everything wants
everything wants to go

go where the wind is wild and free
where a love like ours is supposed to be

we can leave the world beneath us before the flowers bloom
we'll climb aboard a rocket for the moon
i would never leave you but you oughta know
everything wants to go

everything is just another word
for all the stories you ever heard
you can go around the world
you can search far and wide
but the going'll be easier with a friend by your side
through anything and everything

we'll keep a peice of somewhere safe for you and i
we'll sew it up inside a lullaby
its a thing of beauty but its not for show
because everything wants to go