Lyrics for "Outrageous Love" print close
From the CD - How To Be A Cannonball
By Alex McMurray

Outrageous Love

never say you're sorry just let the push begin
be the mannequin at the show and tell
rumors down on broome just push the dirt around
at the lost and found looking for something to sell
and i know where you're standing and i know you can't talk
and no one's going to see you there at all
the night's going to come in like a straggler
to tell forgotten tales of outrageous love

Taylor Made himself can't bear the half of it
there's just nowhere to sit no one who knows the game
the joes on his agenda ain't come out much yet
to light his cigarette sanctify his very name
but taylor's seen these boys a thousand times
he sees through the thing they're dreaming of
his sleeve is full of tricks and he's got one more card
but he'll never have to play it he'll only have to say it's outrageous love

you're a queen and i'm a quitter but i just can't quit you
the wind smells like winter way up high upon the roof
the car is in the river now it's now or never time
to put it all on the line

and when i go before not after you
that wouldn't do i would be powerless
wrap me up in all the lists of things to do
and see it through--there's matches in my bag
just don't keep our children close around you
don't let them learn to sit and wait
'cause you we're out there looking when it found you
it was never never only late
outrageous love outrageous love