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From the CD - How To Be A Cannonball
By Alex McMurray

The Woman I Love

She will walk into a room and not a head will turn
She will linger at the table and I'm beginning to feel the burn
She will give her hair a toss so's to hide that so so so so face
She's the woman I love but o me she's the only woman in the place
She will stroll her strange sashay and nobody gives a damn
She will strut her ungainly plie she dug up in a garbage can
And I will give the concierge a little something maybe get some sorta sign
That the woman I love can take her place in the V.I.P. line

Oh the woman I love ain't nothing special
but that's just fine with me
Because she's the only one who'll have me
And though the other guys might scorn her
In my dreams I adorn her
I got it so bad it makes me sick
She's the woman I love

If you could see us with our clothes off, man, it ain't nothing nice
They say that love's a gamble and I'm willing to roll the dice
Now we're leaving the casino
Step out into that fresh cool clean Biloxi air
When I'm with the woman I love I could be just about anywhere

Oh the woman I love ain't nothing special...

Life is long the kids are gone the dog is dead
the house is just about paid off goddammit
And brown have grown the color of our many sins
Sometimes I still can't understand it
And someday soon she's gonna go I know and it might just be tomorrow
But you can bet your last dollar my reiend where she goes I'm gonna follow