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From the CD - How To Be A Cannonball
By Alex McMurray

Where K-Doe Lives

I want to live where K-Doe lives he could need somebody else
as the decades drift on by i can't make it home all by myself
I want to hear what K-Doe hears when there isn't any crowd
the band is much too loud and the moon's behind a cloud

But when i'm singing there's a bull inside my breast 
And i'm going to bring it to the girl I love the best

I want to love like K-Doe loves could you be my Antoinette?
Would you mind just standing by me I know we're going to get there yet
I want to see what K-Doe sees whenever I feel alone
sinking like a stone and my fight has just been thrown

here in my factory the blues will be my hammer
and while she's swinging she's praying
to the good lord above protect us
I want to live where K-Doe lives I want to see what K-Doe sees
just believe like he believes

I want to know what K-Doe knows catch it when it overflows
brave the highs and feel the lows and be there when it goes

I want to go where K-Doe goes when he passes through the radios
the furnace in your heart still glows is it there do you suppose?