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From the Tin Men CD
Super Great Music For Modern Lovers
Written for: Broadway Gondolier (1935) IMDB info
Performer: Ted Fiorito Orch. with Dick Powell; Dick Powell & the Mills Brothers
Lyric: Al Dubin
Additional British lyric: Charles Dunn
Music: Harry Warren
Year: 1935
Original publisher: M. Witmark & Sons
Lulu's Back In Town

Gotta get my old tuxedo pressed,
Gotta sew a button on my vest,
'Cause tonight I've gotta look my best,
Lulu's back in town.
Gotta get a half a buck somewhere,
Gotta shine my shoes and slick my hair,
Gotta get myself a boutonniere,
Lulu's back in town.
You can tell all my pets,
All my Harlem coquettes;
Mister Otis regrets
That he won't be aroun'.
You can tell the mailman not to call,
I ain't comin' home until the fall,
And I might not get back home at all,
Lulu's back in town.