Lyrics for "Rio Grande" print close
From the CD - Guano and NItrates
By The Valparaiso Men's Chorus

The Rio Grande - Andrew Draskoy's version

O say was you ever in Rio Grande?
Way, you Rio
It's there that the river runs down golden sand
For we're bound to the Rio Grande

And away, boys, away
Way, you Rio
Sing fare you well my pretty young girls
For we're bound to the Rio Grande

Oh, New York town is no place for me
I'll pack up my bag and go out to sea

So it's pack up your donkey and get under way
The girls we are leaving can take our half pay

We'll sell our salt cod for molasses and rum
And get home again 'fore Thanksgiving has come

Sing good bye to Nellie and good bye to Sue
And you who are listening, good bye to you

And good-bye, fare you well, all you ladies of town
We've left you enough for to buy a silk gown

Now you Bowery ladies we'd have you to know
We're bound to the south'ard, O Lord, let us go!

Our good ship's a-going out over the bar
And we'll point her nose for the South-er-on Star

Oh say was you ever in Rio Grande?
Oh was you ever on that strand?