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From the CD - Guano and NItrates
By The Valparaiso Men's Chorus


In Callao there lives a gal whose name is - Serafina Serafina Serafina

She sleeps all day and works all night on the old Callao Marina -  Serafina Oh, Serafina

She's the queen, me boys, of all the gals that live in the ole' Casino -  Serafina! Serafina!

She used to kiss for monkey nuts but now she works for vino -  Serafina Oh, Serafina

At robbing silly sailors, boys, No gal was ever keener  - Serafina Serafina

She'll make you pay right through the nose, that lovely - Serafina Serafina Oh, Serafina

She'll guzzle pisco, beer and gin, on rum her mum did wean her - Serafina Serafina

She smokes just like a chimney stack on a P.S.N.C steamer -  Serafina Oh, Serafina

Serafina's got no shoes I been ashore and seen her Serafina! Serafina!

She's got no time to put them on that hard-worked - Serafina. Serafina Oh, Serafina

When I was young and in me prime, I first met - Serafina Serafina Serafina

In Callao we saw the sights and then went up to Lima - Serafina Oh, Serafina

But the finest sight I ever saw was little -   Serafina, Serafina Serafina

But the very next day as we sailed away, I wished I'd never been there -  Serafina Oh, Serafina

For I was skint, me clothes was gone, and so was Serafina -  Serafina! Serafina!

She'd done me brown, she'd sunk me down, that dirty she-hyena -  Serafina Oh, Serafina

I used to love a little girl whose name was   - Serafina Serafina Serafina

But she's gone off with a Dago man who plays a concertina.  - Serafina Oh, Serafina