New Record "The Recent Future" Out NOW!

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The new record is finally wrapped and ready and released as of August 30 2022. It is available on Bandcamp and most streaming services (not Spotify). CDs and LPs available here at the site! CLICK HERE to get yours!


Band Shows!

The first public band show since the lockdown will be at Faubourg Brewery 4/11 at 4:30pm. Number 2 will take place the following Sunday 4/18 at the Broadside from 4-6pm. Both shows feature Carlo Nuccio, Glenn Hartman and Joe Cabral. We hope to see you Out There...


Best Of The Beat Awards

Very honored and humbled to be awarded the 2020 Offbeat Magazine Best Of The Beat Award for "Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album" and "Best Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter Artist". Thanks to everyone who voted...


Alex Makes The Top Five...

Can you believe that I have 2 albums in the top 5 of the Offbeat Magazine "50 Best Albums of 2020"? Neither can I, but the only way to prove that to you is for you to get an online subscription to Offbeat Magazine, which I of course urge you to do. Otherwise you'll just have to take my word for it. Plus the Write Brothers' album got the nod as well as the Debbie Davis/Matt Perrine X-Mas album....

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Write Brothers Web Concert 1/23/21

The Write Brothers recorded a live performance of the songs from our new record "Into The Sky" and you can check it out on 01/23/21. Be a part of our first virtual CD release party! 

Click HERE for your ticket...