Hear ye, hear ye


My new record is finally done and shrink-wrapped for your safety and protection. All you need to do is acquire it somehow (through this miraculous website, of course), grab the biggest bottle of cough syrup you can find, borrow a friend's car with a cd player, find a nice straight road and start driving. Better yet, get dumped or dump someone and hang around behind the bowling alley with a discman and a bottle of muscatel.

You fingerbowl fans are in luck because, while the tin men and 007 are fine bands, there's just too much finger snapping for People Like Us. Working titles for The Record were "For the Aficionado" and "Too Bleak for Even the Fingerbowl". Indeed, I'm joined by Carlo Nuccio and Matt Perrine on most of the tracks, but we also got Bob Andrews, Joe Cabral, Debbie Davis, Sue Cowsill, Glenn Hartman, James Singleton, Grace Treffinger, David Torkanowski, Rick Trolsen, Clint Montz, Rene Coman, Dave Clements, Duke Heitger, and some others i can't remember right now (e-mail me here if you have been slighted).

The record was produced by Jeff Treffinger, who did the legendary F-bowl "demo" back in the day. Its amazing how much better four grand of credit card debt sounds than $400,000.00 or so of TVT Records' Blood Money (sorry Steve! i know your heart was in the right place. Good luck with all the litigation! By the way, "The Man Who Couldn't Even Whistle" is for you. Enjoy!).

So this is the website, which is a new thing for me. I'll be trying to keep a diary going, especially if I'm on the road. And the dates should be pretty current. Send along all suggestions, insults, rants and apologies. Team McMurray shall, as always, try to be diligent in our responses.

As always,