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North Fork Sound's 50 Best Songs, 2009
#1 The Woman I Love.
http://northforksound.blogspot.com/ (Sunday, December 13, 2009)

The Louisiana Weekly - Sounds of the Season

Glen David Andrews irreverent, yet brilliant funny Santa Got High for Christmas, opens with a James Brown-evoking scream thats enough to get any sleepyhead out of bed on the holiday morning. Alex Mc­Murray backs up the the vocalist in attitude offering some solid, often searing, electric guitar.

Burnwood Tonight

My first introduction to Alex McMurray was a song called "Bad Apples" by his band Royal Fingerbowl. I couldn't believe my ears. There was nothing like it. A truly kick-ass stomp of a song and certainly one of the nastiest ever written. I have been a fan of Alex's ever since and 10 years later, he has released one of the best records of the year. As Threadhead Records' Chris Joseph stated, "McMurray is the make believe stepchild of Tom Waits and Randy Newman." I'd like to add that "Cannonball" is the perfect combination of love, humor, pathos, and insanity. And back in the good old days, this record would have been an FM radio staple and Alex McMurray would be selling out 500 seaters across the country. You should get lost in this record.


WWOZ Hosts Best CDs of 2009

Alex McMurray - How To Be a Cannonball
Alex is a songwriting fool. His musical maneuvers are dangerously brilliant and edgy. Hand him a whiskey and put it on my tab.