Royal Fingerbowl to appear at Chickie Wah Wah!

EXCLUSIVE! 90's Rock phenoms and TVT recording artists Royal Fingerbowl reunite for a special one-time-only performance!

OR: The Alex McMurray band without Bill. YOU MAKE THE CALL!


Big Easy Award Winner

Took the "Best Roots Rock" category at this years Big Easy Awards sponsored by Gambit Weekly. See the list of winners here.


Nola Defender by Ryan Sparks

According to a friend of mine, the homes in the Bywater are “so close together you can hear your neighbor reading a magazine.” This past Wednesday, the two stages of Chaz Fest brought more interesting noises...


Jazz Fest 2013 Focus: Alex McMurray

Offbeat Magazine by John Swenson

On a recent Saturday evening Alex McMurray filled Siberia with an audience that hung on every word of his compositions, a catalog that ranges from wry to wistful to ribald. McMurray is adept at this solo magic, playing material mostly culled from his 2012 release I Will Never Be Alone In This Land. McMurray has also been playing shows, often with special guests, Thursday nights in the Saturn Bar, in what amounts to an intimate house party.

A little too intimate for McMurray’s taste.

Offbeat Magazine

Alumnus holds 8th annual Chaz Fest in his backyard

Tulane University New Wave by Sally Asher

It’s lucky for music lovers that Tulane alumnus Alex McMurray decided one day in 1992 to ask himself what would happen if kept riding his bike into the unknown — beyond the French Quarter. The journey took him to the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, where he co-founded the local music festival Chaz Fest that takes place in his own backyard on Wednesday (May 1).

Tulane University New Wave

Jazz Fest is upon us...

Thanks to everyone who came out early to the Gentilly Stage on Saturday. Have been too busy to talk about the set until after the fact. Pretty classic. Here's a little thing from the Offbeat.

Chaz and Alex talk about Chazfest

Chaz and Alex will be going on WWOZ on Tuesday night for David Kunian's Kitchen Sink show to talk about Chaz Fest. We will have music from the bands that are playing this year so tune in to at 10pm!

OK let's get moving with this...

Man oh man what a time it has been lately. Just got through another French Quarter Fest. The new Website just went live a few days ago. The New Tin Men CD is out (finally!!! it has been a long time coming…). I just got back from the great Bay Area trip and before that the Tin Men spent 2 1/2 weeks in France. Work on the 8th annual Chaz Fest has been proceeding apace with actual yard stuff beginning to happen just these past couple of days. Jazz Fest is right around the corner…Oy vey.


The past year has been a pretty good one. I recorded a new CD called I Will Never Be Alone In This Land which has been nominated for some awards (Offbeat, Gambit). My old running partner the esteemed Mr. Carlo Nuccio produced which was lovely in that it was something we'd been talking about for a number of years. He took a bunch of songs that were wildly disparate and somehow came up with a cohesive...

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Hey everybody! We got ourselves a new Website!

Courtesy of Kourtney Keller and the good people at email me and tell me what you think.

nice blurb on

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The Tin Men have a brand new CD and it will be available for the first time WEDNESDAY APRIL 10 at DBA. It's called "Avocado Woo Woo" and was produced by the legendary John Porter (Buddy Guy, BB King, The Smiths...). Show starts at 7.

Buy it here!


2 Big Easy Award Nominations!

The new CD "I Will Never Be Alone In This Land" was nominated for Best Album of 2012. Also best Roots Rock. Check it out HERE. The award ceremony takes place April 22 at Harrah's Casino...

Tin Men Headed to France

We are leaving on Wednesday to do a 2 week run of shows around the city of Lyon. We will be hosted by the Zozophonic Orchestra, who have been so kind as to set this all up. Vive L'étain!

Some kind of dutch review of "Alone" CD.

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" 2013 West Coast Tour Dates Announced!

Check out the dates HERE.

April Dates Added

French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest and more. On the Shows Page.

Interview on Music Inside Out with Gwen Thompkins

This Thursday at 1pm and Saturday at noon on WWNO and at You can read a little about the show HERE.

Where will you be Mardi Gras Day?

Here's where I'll probably be...