Little Beefheart Tribute


I just made a little recording of Beefheart's "Frownland" (he died yesterday).



I'll be playing out at the Fairgrounds on Friday May 6 at the Lagniappe Stage. Time is TBD.


007 Two New Shows!

Friday Sep 24 2010

618 Frenchmen St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 942-3731
Sat Sep 25 2010 
Le Bon Temps Roule

4801 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 895-8117
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The Threadheads, Nine Lives, and Doing Good For The Gulf

One must be made of stone to not feel for the great people of New Orleans, as well as everyone along the Gulf Coast. People like singer-songwriter Paul Sanchez, screenwriter Colman deKay, and Chris Joseph, head honcho and chief fundraiser of Threadheads Records should be recognized and rewarded for their tireless efforts in helping New Orleans stay spirited through yet another crisis.

Here is the story on The Huffington Post


Tom Paines Rites of Man - Picked as Album of the Week

North Fork Sound names 'Rites of Man' album of the week!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometime Post-Mardi Gras 2010

Finally the noise has come down to a level where one can hear a little. There’s still a general background buzz of around 105 db, but one can begin to hear one’s neighbor. The eyes are able to focus at last. The shattered nerves and strained heart and limbs are almost mended. It’s been possible to turn the heat off these last few days, and it looks like we are finally a-hurrying into spring.

No doubt one has read all one can about the months of January and February 2010 here in New Orleans. I was here almost the whole time, but I cannot summon many particular events. We had the great wisdom to schedule the first recording session for the new sea shanty record at the Saturn Bar following the conclusion of the NFC championship game on January 24. The whole city was walking on eggshells and most started drinking early. I was a nervous wreck because of the game, but not for the obvious...
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Louisiana Cultural Vistas and Tulane National Anthem

Alex gets a nice mention in the Louisiana Cultural Vistas Magazine and a pitcure and segment of when Alex played the National Anthem
on banjo at the Tulane Basket Ball seaon opener! - Pages 92 and 93 - talks about Alex and Cannonball. - Banjo National Anthem at Tulane Basket Ball' openning game. Check out page 35.

Go Green Wave!


Tom Paines New Release Arriving Any Day!

The Tom Paines are set to release their first disk.
'The Rights of Man' is a Threadheads Records production that will be available before Jazz Fest 2010.
The Tom Paines are Alex McMurray and Jonathan Freilich.

"Alex and Jonathan don't need to write new songs about life in New Orleans 2010.
All the good ones about 19th Century Ireland and 1920's rural Arkansas sill apply; maybe a little too well"
- "Your Cousin Dimitri, WWOZ FM New Orleans"

Buy It Now $15 and we will ship it to you the second it arrives!

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Captain Sandy elected 2010's Grand Marshall and King O' The Pyrate Parade!

Captain Sandy (also known as prolific New Orleans musician Alex McMurray) has been elected 2010’s Grand Marshall – “King Of The Pyrate Parade”!

This years French Quarter Pyrate Parade theme is “It Takes A Pillage” and features the original Krewe Of Pyrates (complete with bead cannons), the spectacular Noisician Coalition, many walking Krewes and special guests!

Besides his multitudinous talents as a very busy part of the NOLA music community for the last 23 years, McMurray is deeply committed to GIVING BACK to his city. He has paid his dues more than once – washed dishes, dug ditches, sold his guitar to survive, nearly died from a mysterious ailment, been a substitute teacher…founder/co-producer of ChazFest (New Orleans original 9th ward music festival alternative); the Fifth Season Cinema Tuesday nights in the summer; the Schatzy band; the Happy Talk Band; 00Doug/Alex, 007, Royal...

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Alex McMurray nominated for two Big Easy Awards!

Alex has been nominate for male entertainer of the year and album of the year!

The Big Easy Foundation Awards are run by Gambit Weekly.

The Big Easy Foundation this week announced nominees for its 2010 Big Easy Music Awards. Special awards will go to Entertainer of the Year Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews and Germaine Bazzle, who will be honored for lifetime achievement. Irma Thomas is the Honorary Music Awards Chairperson.

  There are awards for 21 music categories ranging from traditional jazz and gospel to DJ/electronica and heavy metal. Other honors include best male and female performer and best album of 2009. Winners will be announced at the Big Easy Awards on Monday, Apr. 19, 2010, at Mardi Gras World (East Bank) River City Ballroom. The program includes both music and theater awards, and there will be...

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Alex McMurray makes Times-Picayune End of the Year - Best-Of List

Threadhead Records, the nonprofit label founded by a federation of Jazz Fest fans, had a big year. The best of Threadhead’s ’09 releases was "How to Be a Cannonball," by man-about-town guitarist and songwriter Alex McMurray. His lyrics are populated by his usual assortment of vivid, eccentric characters in the tradition of Tom Waits and Randy Newman. - Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune


More Press for Cannonball and Top CD of the year opinions

North Fork Sound's 50 Best Songs, 2009
#1 The Woman I Love. (Sunday, December 13, 2009)

The Louisiana Weekly - Sounds of the Season

Glen David Andrews irreverent, yet brilliant funny Santa Got High for Christmas, opens with a James Brown-evoking scream thats enough to get any sleepyhead out of bed on the holiday morning. Alex Mc­Murray backs up the the vocalist in attitude offering some solid, often searing, electric guitar.

Burnwood Tonight

My first introduction to Alex McMurray was a song called "Bad Apples" by his band Royal Fingerbowl. I couldn't believe my ears. There was nothing like it. A truly kick-ass stomp of a song and certainly one of the nastiest ever written. I have been a fan of Alex's ever since and...

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New Press For Alex McMurray

Paul Sanchez, Susan Cowsill, John Boutte and more host 'A Very Threadhead Holiday'
house party

By Keith Spera, The Times-Picayune

Lousiana Cultural Vistas - Winter 2009

Alex McMurrays skewed, yet articulate lyrics suggest a hybrid Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Elvis Costello...

(then navigate to the 'Sound Advice' section of the online magazine)

Alex McMurray Nominated for 5 Offbeat 'Best of the Beat' Awards

Every January, OffBeat Magazine throws the first great party of the year the annual Best of the Beat Awards to honor the best local musicians and music businesses for their accomplishments.

Alex McMurray has been nominated in five different categories this year!

Alex McMurray - Best Song of the Year
Alex McMurray - Song Writer of the Year
Alex McMurray - Best Country/Folk/Roots Performer
Alex McMurray - Best Country/Fold/Roots Album
Happy Talk Band - (Alex on guitar) - Best Rock Performer

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The Making of A Very Threadhead Holiday

What Will Santa Say?
The adults are sitting around a table on the back porch, some with beer, some with coffee. They’re swapping wisecracks and stories while the kids are upstairs. Coats are tossed in a corner, and the Christmas lights are strung with semi-deliberation in one of the rooms of the house. It could be Christmas, but it isn’t. The house is Susan Cowsill and Russ Broussard’s home on the West Bank, and it has become the studio where A Very Threadhead Holiday is being recorded. Mike Mayeux’s mobile recording unit is out front; there’s an amp in the hallway with producer Paul Sanchez’ hat on it. The lights are hanging from Broussard’s drum kit.
Offbeat 01-Dec-09 -

A Brand New Who Dat!

This year’s Saints have prompted a number of artists to record their own Saints song, so Carlo Nuccio – who wrote and recorded the original “Who Dat” more than 25 years ago – has returned with “Glory Bound,” an update of the song. The song features the return of Aaron Neville, who sang the song the first time around, and Theresa Andersson, along with Ivan Neville, Jon Cleary, Matt Perrine, Barry Foulon, Shamarr Allen, Joe Cabral, Ben Schenck, Jimi Burtchaell, Alex McMurray, Paul Sanchez, Derrick Freeman and Rob Schafer. The song will be available soon on iTunes, but here’s a preview in honor of tonight’s game.

Update: When the song is available for sale, a portion of the proceeds will go to the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.

Last Minute Turkey Day Gig -dba Thursday Night!

Greetings Pilgrims!

The Pilgrim Fairies have smiled on us: I'll be playing DBA Thanksgiving night.
I'll be joined by Carlo Nuccio, Matt Perrine and Bob Andrews. We start at 10. 
Shake off that narco-turkey haze and come hang.

Also, don't forget The Tin Men will be doing our usual duty at DBA on Wednesday from 7-9. T-day eve is always a big night in these parts...

Hope you can make it out.


Alex McMurray