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The 'Thread Heads' are a great organization in New Orleans. They may be just the greatest thing to ever happen to helping New Orleans music get recorded and out to the world. Well, to support their good cause and effort, you need to check out their latest Thread Heads Charity Raffle.  
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Check out Thread Head Records site. These are true New Orleans Music Fans.


Fest Reviews - French Quarter Festival, New Orleans

Jazz Times Review a Tin Men Performance

Jazz Times by Bill Milkowski

This raw, funky street trio, a crowd favorite, delivered a wealth of rich material ranging from McMurray’s sea chanty
"The Ballad of Cap’n Sandy" and Danny Barker’s "Palm Court Strut", a naughty N’awlins classic full of sexual innuendo,
to covers of Chuck Berry’s "Maybellene" and Cab Calloway’s "The Man From Harlem".

Jazz Times

Theater of the Damned

Theater of the damned suspended for now. possibly some in april. I need a night off once in a while so that I can type these gigs into the interweb!

New Diary Entry

Just a quick note to hip you to some upcoming stuff outside the usual weekly shows (Tim Men, Tom Paines, Jackals, et al)

Shanties, The Star Spangled Banner and New York

The Valparaiso Men's Chorus is back for a very special evening of sea shanties at the Saturn Bar this Friday March 6 at 10:00. If you have been a part of a shanty show at the Saturn, then you know how truly wild an experience it can be. If you haven't made it to one of these yet--don't be a shmuck! You'll wake up sore and hoarse, but with much more oxygen coursing through the veins. The Saturn is still located at 3067 St. Claude Ave. in America's own 9th ward

Now here's something for all you sports fans. I've been invited to sing the National Anthem as the Tulane Green Wave baseball team takes on the ...
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We had a few much-needed weeks away for the holidays but hit the ground running. I've played just about every night since january 10 with no let up, and the calendar is full until mardi gras, pretty much. Which should be a great thing, but my promoter's muscles are a bit atrophied. The Tuesday happy hour thing with the Tom Paines is a lot of fun, but nobody comes out. Started up the Theater of the Damned again last night and no one showed up until almost 9:30, which is understandable because there was absolutely no promotion, nothing in the listings, nothing at all. I would send a mass text but I hate it when I get them and have no idea how to do it to begin with.

            But there was a funny moment about ten after eight, while Bailee, Cindy and myself were sitting at the Saturn Bar watching "Hell's Kitchen" on tv, waiting for people to show up, when in walks this woman in a...

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The Valparaiso Men's Chorus Show!

The Valparaiso Men's Chorus will be performing at Saturn Bar Friday March 6 at 10:30.

Alex Plays Jazzfest 2009!

Alex McMurray has been invited to play the 2009 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Thursday April 30 at the Lagniappe stage. All the Jazz Fest details here

Studied Rudeness CD's unearthed!

The archeology division of McMurray Media Enterprises has recently discovered what may be the last 10 copies of the original pressing of '007's Studied Rudeness' release. This may be the last chance to get this great disc if you don't already have it! 

Click Here

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Recent News

-- New Alex McMurray cd currently in production & will be out this spring
-- The Tin Men are now playing every Wednesday from 7-9 at DBA
-- The Tom Paines (New Orleans' premier folk duo Alex McMurray & Jonathan Frielich) appearing every Tuesday at Circle Bar 6:30 to 8:30
-- Alex McMurray has been invited to play 40th annual Jazz Fest
-- Chazfest set to take place Wed april 29
-- Theater of the Damned reconvening Thurs. Jan. 29 8:00 at Saturn Bar and continuing through Mardi Gras
-- AM going to Dubai with Susan Cowsill & Russ Broussard 3/26 to 4/2
-- Tin Men at French Quarter Festival April 17. Sponsored by DBA where they will be that night


The usual apologies for not writing/promises to write more often, etc. I know there are a few of you who like to read the diary. I think that's great and that's the reason I like to spend at least a little time on it, and not just use it to channel sheer blather. I like for there to be some inspiration in the thing. Below are the scraps and shavings of several attempts to get the diary page going again. I have only a rough idea of when these were written or what frame of mind I was in, but it should give you an idea of how scattered my brain has been this past year



If you were my neighbor you would be facing real madness by now. Whoever is running the railroad next door has either left a locomotive on the wrong part of the track or a switch is busted somewhere. The air is filled with the never ending din of clanging bells day and night. This goes on for days at a time....

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Royal Fingerbowl Live Recording this Friday


The cards and letters keep pouring in, all demanding another Royal Fingerbowl show at One Eyed Jack's...

The Great Minds at TeamFinger have listened!
wetnapThis Friday night (Nov 14) come join Royal Fingerbowl for a night of Fingerbowl Music (a subset of twentieth-century western pop music not meant for dancing). And as an added bonus, you will be a part of HISTORY, as the performance will be recorded for eventual release as a CD. Get there early and get yourself a good spot up front. Enjoy some of the many cocktails available at this fine establishment, and get ready for the FUN!

Doors at nine, show starts at ten. One Eyed Jack's is located at 615 Toulouse St. between Royal and Chartres in the French Quarter. Their phone number is (504) 482-3133 and you can check them out online at

Thanks for reading this. Be one of the Proud Fourteen!


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Shows and Diary...

From a new diary entry...
Now we are on the edge of winter and lots of stuff is looming on the horizon. The Fingerbowl is going to play again at One Eyed Jack's this Friday. The show will be recorded for possible release, granted that we remember the songs. There is always the threat of a new Tin Men cd, and the Valparaisos may just have to do another one as well. An outfit called the Threadheads has agreed to produce a cd for me doing my own songs (several other friends have shown their support as well), which will begin next week over at Piety. The Theater of the Damned continues over at the Saturn Thursday nights at 8 and the Tom Paines are still doing happy hour every tuesday at the Circle Bar. These are No Cover shows, so not much risk. Also look out for the Mama's Boy reunion show at One Eyed Jack's on Saturday Dec. 6


Royal Finger Bowl - Review of One Eyed Jacks Show

The room was sparked and sparkling and vibrating with 150 to 200 people(near the middle of the first set, McMurray thanked the 14 Fingerbowl fans for bringing a friend). What a great feeling, to be among so many people elated to be where they were and nowhere else. More... -- 



Royal Fingerbowl Returns!

The members of Royal Fingerbowl Mach II (Alex McMurray, Carlo Nuccio, Matt Perrine, Bob Andrews) return for one special show.

Interview with Carl Nuccio on Royal Fingerbowl and the upcoming show on

One Eyed Jacks is located just 2 blocks from Bourbon Street in the French Quarter at:
615 Toulouse Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

And just a friendly reminder - Alex procured a bunch of the back catalog from the old label
and is offering them for sale on this very website!  Check out the Music Page


Royal Finger Bowl - Review of One Eyed Jacks Show by Jason Songe

The room was sparked and sparkling and vibrating with 150 to 200 people(near the middle of the first set, McMurray thanked the 14 Fingerbowl fans for bringing a friend). What a great feeling, to be among so many people elated to be where they were and nowhere else.

007 Drops New Disk - you only drop once!

007 release a new disk filled with rocksteady classics.  Go to the music page to check out the new disk.
Disk are for sale online, buy one now mon.
007 are:
jeffrey clemens - sings, plays drums
alex mcmurray - sings, plays guitar
joe cabral - sings plass bass
jonathan freilich - plays guitar

Check out the 007 website for more info and music -
007 has a myspace too -


Tin Men & The Valparaiso Men's Chorus play Pyratecon!

from Best Of New Orleans...

The prolific local singer/songwriter Alex McMurray has made no bones about the fact that his latest project, the Valparaiso Men's Chorus, is not a pirate-related venture. The group " which was conceived during McMurray's stint as a shanty-singing sea captain at Tokyo Disney Resort " is a robust choir whose size can swell to nearly 20 members, backed by bandmates from the Tin Men and belting out time-tested songs of the sea. Their album, Guano and Nitrate, was one of the local favorites of last year. Though McMurray may frown on privateering, by odd coincidence his gig (part of One Eyed Jacks' fourth anniversary celebration, also featuring the Morning 40 Federation) falls smack in the middle of PyrateCon 2008. The three-day event is a convention of period-costumed pirate enthusiasts, historians and actors who play pirates on TV, gathering in the land of...

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Chaz Festival 2008 is On!

Chaz Festival will be presented again this year at the world famous 'Truck Farm' in the 9th Ward Bywater.
(alex's backyard). The line up this year is stellar once again. The Tin Men w/The Valpariso Men's Chorus and The Happy Talk Band will perform and many many others.
For all the details and tickets check out: